Modular Habitat
Marie Yates
The Unit System is formed by components of prefabricated units that create a kit of parts. The Units are established by the different interior functions, and these units can be arranged in many different configurations. The configurations of the units can be determined by the environment, and how the user chooses to express their home. Units can also be added and subtracted, so that the structure (home) can RESPOND to the evolving needs of the inhabitants. In addition, the porch and overhangs are built into the structure so that the extensions can be pulled out in a similar fashion as a drawer.
Units would be customizable to suite the individual users needs. An example would be the modular floor system that allows panels of material to be dropped into a track and held simply by gravity. The doors or walls of the units could be transparent, translucent, or opaque, and expressed through a Varity of materials.
Most importantly the units should only be considered whole when placed on the site, within the landscape, using the most passive system. The Unit system was designed in response to today's generalized stagnant suburban home that is aggressive and tasteless. Today's home does not respond to the environment, peoples ever changing needs, and only satisfies the individual component through suggestive ornamental vocabulary. These homes only become cocoons for consuming energy. While still in the realm of the American culture, the unit system is an attempted look toward the direction of the home as it should be, about humans and the environment which we live.
Kit of Parts: Bedroom Unit (16'-0" x 16'-0") Bathroom Unit (8'-0" x 16'-0") Open Unit (16'-0" x 16'-0") Kitchen (16'-0" x 16'-0") Stair (8'-0" x 16'-0")
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Modular Habitat
May 2005
Pratt Institute
Marie Yates
bedroom unit kitchen unit bathroom unit view of shower bathroom unit view of sink bedroom - plan, elevation, axon kitchen - plan, elevation, axon bathroom - plan, elevation, axon stair unit stage 1 Louisiana stage 1 Louisiana view toward lake stage 1 Louisiana view of kitchen and bathroom stage 2 Louisiana stage 2 Louisiana interior shots stage 1 Louisiana axon stage 2 Louisiana axon
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